20 Mar

The Dangers of Choosing DIY Retail Lighting Systems Over Professional Grade Systems

It’s human nature to search for the best deal before making a purchase. When faced with the same product for $40 or $80, most people will select the $40 choice. However, the cheapest option is not always the best option, especially when it comes it home improvement investments. Your outdoor lighting system is no exception.

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10 Mar

Use Outdoor Lighting to Make the Most of Summer Weather

There’s nothing like summertime weather to put you in the mood for relaxation and socialization. While there are plenty of exciting summer events to attend, like concerts and brewfests, you can also make the most of your own outdoor space. Whether you have a huge three acre backyard or a small deck or patio, you can still embrace strategic outdoor lighting techniques in order to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. Read More

20 Feb

The Innovation That Puts Customized Lighting in Your Hands – Literally

In addition to beautiful stone hardscapes and strategically placed landscaping, outdoor lighting is one of the most transformative additions to your outdoor space. Whether utilized in a business or residential application, outdoor lighting extends the usefulness of a space long after the sun sets, but its purposes don’t stop there. Outdoor lighting can also be used creatively to set a specific atmosphere and emphasize the best features of your outdoor area. Thanks to cutting edge technology, all of this can now be accomplished from the palm of your hand. Read More

10 Feb

LED Lights Bring Endless Possibilities to Outdoor Landscapes

Whether you have a sprawling few acre property or a small and intimate backyard, you can utilize outdoor lighting to transform your landscape and make your space infinitely more useful at night. Better yet, you can harness the considerable power of LED lighting to enjoy a host of perks like energy conservation, cost savings, longer life, better quality of light, and so much more.

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12 Jan

Outdoor Lighting isn’t Just for the Holidays

52376816 - hanging decorative christmas lights for a wedding ceremonyThe holiday season is always an exciting time for outdoor lighting as houses transform with festive red, green, blue, and silver lights that emphasize the cheer of winter. But once January rolls around, the lights are packed away until next year, and homes are left looking ordinary and unassuming. That is, unless landscape lighting immediately takes the place of holiday lighting. With the help of innovative outdoor lighting solutions and an experienced lighting team to implement your ideas, you can design a stunning landscape that is just as appealing as those Christmas lights. Read More

09 Dec

Attention: Watering Lights Does Not Make Them Brighter!

favim-com-23212It’s that time of year again when customers often find that their holiday lights have mysteriously decided to stop working. We know it can be frustrating but 95% of the time it’s because water has tripped the system while they were running. Here’s some simple solutions to keep your lights running uninterrupted this holiday season.


To prevent your automatic or timed sprinkler system from soaking your light strands and tripping the GFCI, we recommend that you reset the timer on your sprinkler system so that watering occurs while the holiday lights are off (such as in the early morning).

GFCI “Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter” Outlet Trips

A GFCI is installed in most homes as a protection system that shuts down the flow of electricity to an electrical outlet when it senses a ground in the line. When outdoor holiday lights become excessively wet this will often cause the GFCI to trip. Should a GFCI circuit trip, it will need to be reset to restore power to the outlet.

Wait until the rain or sprinkler system has stopped and the light strands have had a chance to dry out before attempting to reset the GFCI. Should you decide to plug your lights into an alternate GFCI protected outlet, please remember that you must still reset the previous circuit to restore the flow of electricity to that outlet.

15 Nov

Three Top Reasons to Hire a Lighting Team for the Holiday Season

46044585 - christmas decorated houseTis the season! As the holidays approach, you’re no doubt busy trying to buy gifts, plan parties, decorate the house, and keep up with your other numerous responsibilities. Though you may not be able to hire a personal gift buyer, you can at least alleviate some of you stress by hiring a professional lighting team this winter season. Rather than trying to string lights up on your roof and hoping for a decent outcome, you can hand everything over to a lighting company and let the expert work their magic. Read More

15 Oct

Types of Landscape Lighting for Your Outdoor Space

landscape-lighting2Outdoor lighting is one of the most direct ways to transform the appearance of your home. Chances are that you can probably envision a house or two that you have always admired for its sophisticated and inviting appearance, especially with its carefully placed outdoor lighting after sunset. If you are interested in creating that type of atmosphere outside of your own home, these three types of lighting will help you get there. You can partner with a professional lighting company to design, install, and maintain your outdoor lighting system. Read More

21 Sep

3 Ideas for Superb Halloween Lighting

halloween-lightingHalloween is always an exciting time of year for homeowners who relish the idea of decorating with wild colors and spooky objects. More than any other holiday, Halloween lends itself to the creative and bold ideas that can’t be done throughout the rest of the year. However, if you’re like many other people out there, the thought of perfecting your own Halloween lighting can feel overwhelming, especially with the many other responsibilities piled high on your plate. Hire a professional lighting company to take care of your Halloween decorating needs so that you can trust experts with the installation, maintenance, and tear down of your Halloween festivities. Read More

08 Sep

The Importance of Surge Protection to Your Outdoor Landscape

surge-protectorAs a homeowner, your property and valued belongings are always at some type of risk, whether from an intense hurricane or a thief. But when it comes to all of your carefully placed outdoor lighting, a power surge is the most destructive enemy. It’s all too easy to assume that your lights and electronics will always function perfectly, but it only takes one power spike to lose everything and gain a quick reminder of the virtue of precaution. Read More