13 Feb

Residential Lighting and Security: What You Need to Know

From a security perspective, lighting can have a substantial impact on reducing the fear of crime. Sufficient lighting is necessary to see and be seen. An adequate level of lighting should allow the identification of a face from a distance of about 30 feet.

Outdoor lighting should be uniformly spread to reduce the contrast between illuminated areas and shadows. Better consistency of lighting can be achieved by using more fixtures with lower wattage rather than less fixtures with higher wattage bulbs. Read More

28 Dec

Make a New Year’s Resolution to Illuminate Your Life

2018The turn of the New Year isn’t simply an excuse to have a lavish celebration in Times Square. It is also the most popular time of year for Americans to make goals intended to improve their quality of life in the next calendar year. We have all made resolutions in the past, though some are easier to achieve than others. Instead of vowing to lose weight or learning how to bake this year, make a resolution to illuminate your life with professional outdoor lighting. Read More

25 Nov

The Finishing Touches: Using Wreaths, Garlands, and Bows in Your Outdoor Holiday Display

Now that Thanksgiving has passed and the frenzy of Black Friday has settled, it’s time to shift your attention to your outdoor holiday display. Welcoming the holiday season with a beautiful, colorful, and cohesive arrangement is one of the most powerful steps you can take to set your home or business apart.

Top Your Trees in Style

Red bows are iconic signs of the holiday season, so using them strategically throughout your outdoor holiday display will enhance the appearance of your space. Red bows can be made or purchased in a variety of styles and sizes to adorn the top of your evergreen trees. Of course, bows also make great additions to wreaths and other holiday decor. Use them as focal points throughout your display to define space, add color, and bring good cheer. Read More

10 Oct

3 Festive Outdoor Lighting Ideas for a Bright Holiday Season

Decorative outdoor lighting can enhance the look and feel of your home or business throughout the entire year, but it has an especially powerful effect during the holiday season. The colors and themes prevalent during November, December, and January offer the ultimate opportunities to convey the joys of the season with attractive, colorful, and festive outdoor lighting designs. The following four ideas will help you make the most of outdoor lighting to improve your own property. If you can’t implement these ideas yourself, call a professional lighting company like Decorating Elves to help! Read More

09 Sep

Light Up Your Business for the Right Cause in October

If you’re searching for a dramatic juxtaposition, simply compare a dark, unlit business to a business that is artfully decorated with professional outdoor lighting. Businesses that invest in an attractive outdoor lighting landscape enjoy an array of benefits. Commercial properties with outdoor lighting are more inviting, easier to notice from afar, more memorable, and far more functional. After all, a consumer is likely to determine a company’s credibility within moments of approaching its building, and if that impression is made at night, the proper outdoor lighting will make all the difference.

Utilizing specific outdoor decoration color schemes each month is an especially exciting way for commercial buildings to enhance the beauty of their property, advocate a great cause that earns local support, and potentially even raise money for important issues. The following October campaigns provide the perfect opportunities for businesses throughout Tampa, Florida and beyond to utilize outdoor lighting for all it’s worth! Read More

25 Aug

A Guide to Using Outdoor Lighting Colors to Raise Awareness in September

Color is an important design component, but it’s also a powerful method of communication and expression. In addition to its purposeful use in everything from advertisements and television shows to art and clothing, color can also be utilized by lighting contractors to help their customers raise awareness for different charitable causes and public campaigns. Read More

20 Jun

How Can Outdoor Lighting Transform a Community Landmark

When the St. Petersburg City Theatre announced in 2016 that it was in too much debt to continue running, an important piece of history was nearly lost forever. As the “oldest, continually operating community theatre” in Florida, the St. Petersburg City Theatre has touched the lives of countless residents since it first opened in the 1920s. From retired soap opera actresses to soldiers training during World War II, the stage of the St. Petersburg City Theatre has seen it all. Read More

10 Jun

Decorating Elves Donates to Local Theatre Revitalization

Since it was founded as the Sunshine Players in 1925, the St. Petersburg City Theatre has contributed to the St. Petersburg community in many important ways. As the theatre’s mission states, “St. Petersburg City Theatre aims to enrich the individual lives and collective spirit of our diverse population through community produced productions and educational experiences.” However, after a rich history spanning nearly a century, the theater recently found itself in severe and unexpected debt. Read More

15 May

It’s National Safety Month: Is Your Outdoor Lighting Keeping You Safe?

In world filled with unpredictable dangers, extra safety is always a positive investment. Every year, the National Safety Council emphasizes this point by raising safety awareness during National Safety Month. In addition to seeking to reduce the leading causes of injuries on the road and at work, NSC also aims to minimize the major causes of accidents around the home.

Safety at home isn’t just about the locks on your doors and the railings on your stairs. The exterior area of your home is also lurking with hidden dangerous, especially once the sun sets and it is more difficult to see your surroundings. This is exactly why professional outdoor lighting is such a worthwhile investment. Read More