20 Feb

Four Considerations When Planning Your Holiday Lighting

There are a lot of things that you need to keep in mind as you plan your holiday lighting, particularly if you will be installing permanent holiday lighting. You need this lighting plan to be adequate for not just this coming holiday season, but for several years to come. Here are a few things that you should consider while planning your holiday lighting.

Homeowners’ Association

If you have a homeowners’ association, it is a good idea to present your holiday lighting plan to a member of the committee so that you can gauge whether or not it would be objectionable. Keep in mind that the homeowners’ association rules, leadership, or both could change before you are ready to change or remove your holiday lights.

Local Rules or Laws

Some local towns or neighborhoods have specific rules or laws about holiday lights. You should check with your city hall to determine if you need any permits or need to follow any limitations on your holiday lights.


Your neighbors may change before you change your permanent holiday lighting, but it is the considerate thing to do to keep them in mind while planning. For example, if you have someone on your block that has seizures, you might consider making sure that none of your lights have a strobing effect.

Utility Costs

Even if all of the rules and guidelines you must follow allow for a large amount of holiday lighting, you still shouldn’t go overboard. Remember that when the holidays roll around you’ll be using these lights 24/7 for a couple of months. If you install a large number of lights, you are going to pay astronomical utility bills for those two months.