15 Dec

The Best Energy Efficient Outdoor Lighting Trends

Are you looking at installing some outdoor lighting on your property? Whether you have some dark paths that pose a tripping hazard or you want to light up an outdoor entertainment area, there are some great energy efficient options available. Here are the most energy efficient outdoor lighting trends we’re seeing for the coming year.

Retro LED bulbs

Want the retro look of a halogen bulb with the energy efficiency of long-lasting LED bulbs? You no longer have to choose between the two! LED bulbs are available in a wide variety of styles, including many retro looks. Read More

15 Nov

Using Customizable Outdoor Landscape Lighting for Photographic Moments

Is there a stately tree in your yard that is perfect for family photos? Or maybe you have a wide porch that accommodates your large family for holiday pictures. In any case, landscape lighting can help make such moments possible, not just once, but whenever you need them.

You don’t have to have a grand manse to make customizable outdoor lighting worth the investment. Whether it’s six lights or three dozen, we can install the perfect lighting in cooperation with your landscape design. We have many affordable options, but the more customizable features included, the higher the price. Read More

15 Sep

It’s Never Too Early to Start Thinking About Holiday Lights

Do you live in a beautiful neighborhood that loves to tastefully decorate for the holidays? If so, it is never too early to start thinking about your holiday lights for the year. You have some options for outdoor lighting, and you should allow yourself time to make those decisions. In addition, you want to make sure you get on the schedule as soon as possible, before our installers are booked up. Here are some things to think about now.

What types of lights do you want?

You have so many options when it comes to outdoor lighting these days, and those choices go beyond choosing light colors or blinking patterns. Some questions you should be asking yourself include: Read More

15 Aug

Preparing for Football Season with Adaptable Permanent Outdoor Lighting

All of your favorite NFL teams have been back at practice for several weeks, but the season certainly isn’t starting out as normal. When they announced that there would be no preseason, fans across the country were upset they had to wait even longer to watch the sport they love.

To make matters worse, fans will only be allowed in the stands with strict social distancing and mask-wearing rules. This is going to significantly decrease the number of people that will be allowed to attend the games. Tickets are going to be outrageously expensive, and the chances of the average Joe getting to go to a game this year are pretty slim. Read More

15 Jul

Ways Outdoor Lighting Can Bring Your Neighbors Together

Feeling isolated? Missing the neighborhood summer block parties? Are the kids getting restless keeping to themselves? Social distancing is taking a toll on everyone, but there are some ways that you can get your neighbors together while still being responsible.

Patio Lighting

Patio lighting can make your patio look like daytime. This is a great place to sit and relax with neighbors after a long day of working from home. Get some nice furniture to spruce up your patio and have outdoor lighting installed so that you are always ready to entertain. Read More

15 Jun

Using Permanent Lighting to Shine in Dark Times

Do you wish you could brighten up the mood of your neighborhood? In these dark times of a global pandemic, many people are isolating themselves and keeping their contact with others to a minimum. As summer goes on, people are missing their neighborhood barbecues and block parties. Everyone is feeling isolated, depressed, and scared.

Sometimes it can help boost everyone’s mood if they just know that they are not alone. You can help them feel as though you are there celebrating summer with them with a well-planned, permanent lighting scheme for your home that the entire neighborhood can enjoy. Read More

15 May

Work All Day? Come Home to a Well-Lit House

If you are still working in this crisis, you are probably under a lot of stress. You worry about your family and bringing the virus home to them. You may also be working harder and longer hours due to decreased staffing. Everyone is having some emotional or mental health issues during this time.

While you are probably glad to be leaving work, it is often difficult to leave the day behind when you go home. It can be difficult to let go of work and stress and relax with your family. When the transition between work and home is not obvious, such as when your house is dark, it can be even harder to focus your attention on your family. Read More

15 Apr

Why Lighting Makes You Awesome

Outdoor lighting might be an afterthought for some, but truly awesome people instinctively know that the right outdoor lighting is essential. Installing permanent lighting outside your home isn’t just about making it safer or increasing a home’s value. There are so many awesome things you can do when you have the right outdoor lighting scheme.


Everyone knows the guy hosting the cookout is the most awesome of the group. With outdoor lighting, you can host cookouts any time of the day or night. You could host a cookout that starts with lunch, segues into a sports game, then goes through dinner. You could also cook out no matter what time of year it was, even if it was dark at 5 P.M. Read More

20 Mar

Why You Should Have Outdoor Lighting This Spring

Have you considered adding outdoor lighting to your home? Spring is a great time to have outdoor lighting installed. Not only will you enjoy the outdoor lighting in the spring, but you will be prepared for a summertime of entertaining. Here are some reasons to have outdoor lighting this spring.

Dispel Wintertime Blues

Springtime is beautiful, with new life showing all around outdoors. After a long gray winter, it is really refreshing to be able to go outside and smell all of those spring smells and see all of those spring colors. Spending time outdoors in the springtime is the best way to combat wintertime blues or seasonal mood swings. When you spend more time outdoors, studies show that you will be literally and measurably happier. Outdoor lighting helps you spend more time outside during these months. Read More

10 Mar

Lighting for Your Dock

Do you have your own dock on a beachside property? It can be very advantageous to have your own dock rather than docking your boat in a marina. However, when you forgo the marina, you forgo many amenities. One of the features that marinas have is that they are very well lit. Now you can get lighting for your dock that is just as functional and convenient, but on your own terms.

Lighting for your dock is very important for a number of reasons. If you don’t have good lighting for your dock, you may have difficulties docking the boat at dusk or at night. Most people do not take boats out in the dark; but if you want to visit your boat for any reason, it will be helpful to have good lighting.  Read More