10 Jul

Update Your Home’s Curb Appeal with Color-Changing Landscape Lighting

Whether you’re renovating, getting ready to sell, or just looking for an easy way to improve your outdoor spaces, now is the time to add color-changing LED landscape lighting to your home. Landscape lighting has always added elegance to a home’s exterior, but with color-changing LED landscape lighting, we can turn your outdoor spaces into an experience.

Updated landscape lighting, masterfully done in Tampa Bay by the team at Decorating Elves, impacts four key elements on your property: Read More

18 Jun

How Often Does Outdoor Lighting Need to be Maintained?

The optimal functioning of your outdoor lighting is essential. It doesn’t matter how attractive your lighting setup is if no one can see it! For optimal functioning, routine maintenance on your outdoor lighting fixtures, bulbs, wiring, and more is required.

Perform Routine Maintenance Twice Each Year

Outdoor lighting must be inspected at least twice each year. Any damage or malfunctions must be repaired immediately. Delaying repair will likely cause more damage, costing even more to correct. We always recommend using a licensed, reputable lighting contractor for routine maintenance on outdoor lighting. This is especially true if your system has any exposed wiring or significant damage. Read More

10 May

Why You Should Hire a Professional to Hang Bistro Lighting

Bistro lighting is all the rage right now in both residential and commercial settings. While restaurants have been using this lighting technique for years to enhance their outdoor spaces, it has just recently become popular in backyards. The rise in popularity of LED lighting, combined with its low cost and energy efficiency, has made more and more lighting techniques available to the everyday homeowner, including bistro lights. Read More

18 Mar

Great Ways to Add Outdoor Lighting This Spring

Now that winter is finally fading away, get ready to be outside again with beautiful outdoor lighting for your home and business

Why add outdoor lights to your home and business?

  • Outdoor lighting is a great way to extend your day during early spring and late fall when temperatures are pleasant but the sun sets early. Whether it’s to extend your business hours or just enjoy your home’s patio later into the night, outdoor lighting helps you maximize the use of your property.
  • Outdoor lighting adds an extra layer of security to your property’s existing crime-prevention plan. Keep your friends, family, visitors, and customers safe by illuminating walkways and entryways while also limiting your liability if there is an accident.
  • Outdoor lighting adds value to any property by boosting its curb appeal and helping you stand out amongst the competition. The attention to detail and design will not go unnoticed by potential buyers and will be reflected in your final sale price.

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10 Mar

Accent Lighting: Wall Grazing vs. Wall Washing

Wall grazing and wall washing are accent lighting techniques that highlight an often overlooked elementthe walls. When you’ve spent extra time, effort, and money on your home or business’ walls, you want to show them off!

Wall grazing and wall washing are both great ways to enhance the look and feel of your home or business, but they yield different results. You should be careful when choosing which technique to use and base your choice on your specific situation and ideal outcome. Read on for an explanation of these two techniques and how to use them to invoke the atmosphere you want in all your indoor and outdoor spaces. Read More