20 Jun

4 Ways Outdoor Lighting Benefits Your Home

Look almost anywhere here in Tampa Bay and you’ll notice outdoor lighting. Property owners all over Tampa and the surrounding cities love the aesthetic appeal that outdoor lighting brings to their homes and businesses…but are good looks all that outdoor lighting has to offer? Definitely not! There are many more benefits to outdoor lighting than just a pretty face! In this post, we’ll go over four of the top benefits of adding outdoor lighting to your home beyond just curb appeal.

Increased Property Value

When making any kind of large investment in your home, the first question that probably comes to mind is how much this addition will add to the value of the property. Outdoor lighting adds immediate value to your property by making it more attractive, safer, and more up-to-date. These are all crucial factors buyers actively seek out when looking for a home to purchase, and knowing that they won’t have to put up money to make this improvement themselves will give your property a clear advantage over the competition.

Safer Passage

Safety is a big deal for any homeowner. Just one slip and fall causing injury can lead to a huge liability and an insurance nightmare. With homeowner’s insurance rates already skyrocketing across the state, anything that could cause your rates to go up more is a big turn off. With properly placed outdoor lighting, including deck lighting, step lighting, and security lighting, you can make your property safer for friends, family, and guests while keeping the insurance man at bay.

More Entertaining Space

Without outdoor lighting, you can’t really enjoy your outdoor spaces properly. Outdoor entertaining is like Florida’s state pastime, so it’s important to have safe and comfortable access to all your potential entertaining spaces. Outdoor lighting can be added to decks, porches, patios, entryways, stairways, architectural features, and the general landscape to turn that unused outdoor area into the new family hangout spot.

Heightened Security

Security is definitely on everyone’s mind in today’s world. Crime seems to be on an uptick everywhere, with theft and vandalism being two of the main culprits. Make your property less inviting to potential criminals by keeping it well-lit with professional installed outdoor security lighting. There are several security lighting options available that work with any home’s aesthetic, including motion-activated floodlights, stylish entryway lights, and discreet pathway lights.

Let Decorating Elves Bring Your Home the Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

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