Outdoor Down Lighting

Up-and-Downing-Lighting-Tree---www.decoratingelves.comLighting from above is the most common form of natural light. By placing fixtures in trees and on structures we can simulate natural down lighting and in many cases create visually pleasing effects by casting shadows on driveways, walkways, and lawn areas. This technique may illuminate an area for landscape or architectural enhancement or special effects, and for safety or security.

Like Up Lighting, this is a general term that describes a group of effects that places the illuminating source above the target area. Down lighting can be used to light specific garden elements and pedestrian areas or to illuminate large spaces for safety, security or recreational purposes, or outdoor activity areas. Fixtures placed above eye level provide efficient lighting for recreation and security.

Overlapping light patterns will soften shadows and create a more uniform lighting effect. Mount fixtures to patios, gazebos, facades, eaves, or trees.



Down Lighting Consultation

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