Turtle & Wildlife Friendly Lighting

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Turtle-Friendly Lighting

For those living in coastal areas of the south, it’s time to start thinking about making your exterior lighting turtle & wildlife friendly. The reason for this is that waterfront homes share the beach with nesting sea turtles. Unfortunately, this hasn’t been an equal sharing and the sea turtles have suffered significantly.

According to the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission (FFWCC), all species of sea turtles native to Florida waters are either threatened or endangered. Beachside lighting is a major contributing factor. It turns out that sea turtles simply can’t deal with the round-the-clock day time we’ve created with all of our exterior lights. Fear not. There is a simple solution. Make sure that all of your home’s exterior lights are turtle friendly.

Turtle Friendly Outdoor Lighting goes beyond “dark sky” lighting requirements in that it also speaks to the type of light produced by your fixture as well as the way your fixture is mounted.

Turtle Friendly Lighting has 3 principles:

– Keep It Shielded – Also a dark sky principle – All light is directed down to the ground.

– Keep It Long – Use only long wavelength “turtle friendly” light bulbs.

– Keep It Low – Lower mounting heights are less likely to invade critical turtle nesting areas.

Decorating Elves has a full line of Turtle-Friendly light fixtures and bulbs.

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