Outdoor Audio Creates an
Amazing Backyard Oasis

Adding outdoor audio to your outdoor lighting will liven up the entertainment in your outdoor living space. Decorating Elves now specializes in installation of outdoor audio sound systems. These sound systems give you more entertainment & enjoyment options then ever before without disturbing the neighbors.

A Unique Take on Outdoor Audio

Since mastering the art of outdoor lighting, Decorating Elves has managed to introduce another element to backyard enjoyment: outdoor audio. Now this isn’t your typical Bluetooth speaker that’s placed in a central location to try and accommodate everyone outside. Decorating Elves has a new approach in listening to music outside: small speakers throughout the backyard environment in order to produce a music experience that surrounds the space.

The speaker placement, in a way, mimics the discreet placement of lights that they have always done. What this does is create a relaxed atmosphere where everyone can hear the music, all over the backyard, without it being overwhelmingly loud where the speaker is placed and is indistinguishable from other locations in the yard.

Decorating Elves uses the Satellite Speaker for their outdoor audio installations. “If you don’t know what you are looking for, you probably are not going to see it. It’s something that sticks out, and we are able to hide them and disguise them as rocks or in the landscape.” says Nick Schriver from Decorating Elves. The speakers and subwoofers are small and able to blend right into the landscape of your yard. The result is an even, prime level of music across your outdoor environment.

Decorating Elves is looking to help their customers throw better parties and have better entertainment by allowing them to enjoy comfortable, detailed music at any volume in their own backyard. The nature of the audio eliminates disruption to your neighbors as you no longer need to blast music from one location. They are looking to create a large outdoor environment to complement the lighting that they have always done. They bring the oasis to you. After a long day at work you are able to take the break you deserve in an environment that feels like a vacation but in the comfort of your own home.

Perfect Sound for Any Occasion

The outdoor audio sound system delivers quality audio throughout your entire outdoor living area. The surround sound system utilizes precisely placed speakers to provide consistent volume and quality at any location. You and your guests will be able to enjoy background music during your gathering without the hassle of bringing sound systems outside. With a outdoor audio sound system you are prepared to fully enjoy every occasion.

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