LED Landscape Lighting Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Florida

LED-Front-House-Uplighting-Grazing-www.decoratingelves.comThe introduction of LED landscape lighting and its use in outdoor lighting has taken the concept of landscape lighting to a whole new level. These specially made LED fixtures can be used almost anywhere and for any type of outdoor lighting solution.

Benefits include: longer life span, energy conservation, and energy efficiency through LED technology

Lighting-Reflection-in-Pool-www.decoratingelves.comLED landscape lighting offers a safe and reliable low energy lighting solution to conventional low voltage halogen lighting. Conventional landscape lighting is plagued by high temperatures, voltage drop and lamp burnout. LED landscape lighting offers field proven, economical, and eco-friendly lighting products that are the most technologically advanced in the industry.

All photos on this page use all LED lighting fixtures, bulbs, and/or luminaires. It is a true representation of the effect of LED lighting.

Energy Efficient Low Voltage Outdoor LED Landscape Lighting

LED Landscape Lighting Features & Benefits

Economic and Energy Conservation

  • LED lighting saves a lot of energy
  • Significant Maintenance & Energy Savings


  • LED service life span can go up to 60,000 hours and even more.
  • Superior System Reliability
  • Excellent Cold Weather Performance

Light Intensity

  • Restaurant-Outdoor-Entry-Feature-Lighting-www.decoratingelves.comWith LED one can control the intensity of the light and hence create the desired effect and mood in the landscape.
  • Instant On / Full Brightness
  • Even Brightness Levels across All Fixtures

Property Benefits

  • Negligible Stress to Home Electrical System
  • Elimination of Bulb Materials


  • LED are popular because they are of small size can be made to work with various fixture requirements.
  • Compact and unique fixture designs.

Advantages of LED Lighting

Light Emitting Diode or LED’s have a number of benefits over conventional lighting:

LED lights are very energy-efficient and can reduce your energy costs—particularly when the lights are used for long periods of time, such as in commercial settings.

LED lights use a solid-state semiconductor to convert electricity directly into light. LED lights use less than one-tenth of a watt, produce virtually no heat and have an extremely long service life — up to 60,000 hours in some cases.

LED Benefits:


  • Reduce energy consumption by as much as 90% compared to traditional lights

Long Life Span

  • Produces a more durable light than can burn brightly for over 60,000 hours, (over 10 years of continuous use)
  • Last up to 7 times longer


  • Uses a light that produces almost no heat, thereby reducing fire damage
  • There is no chance of combustion from the cool temperature bulbs

Sturdy Bulbs

  • The epoxy lenses are virtually indestructible
    They are more durable, with no filaments or glass bulbs to break

Easily Strung

Lamp Replacement

They do cost slightly more than conventional lights, but may more than pay for themselves within a single season.

Tampa Bay Landscape Lighting offers many benefits to commercial and residential lighting projects with the use of LED’s.


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