Preventative Maintenance Program



Outdoor Lighting Preventative Maintenance Program

Just like any home system, your landscape lighting system will need regular maintenance to ensure it operates properly and with maximum efficiency for many years to come. We offer you the most comprehensive Preventative Maintenance and Service Program in the outdoor lighting industry. There is no contract and nothing to sign. Just call our office.

Our plan is more than just extending the manufacturer’s warranty for product defects and workmanship. It is a worry-free maintenance and service that ensure your outdoor lighting system is always up and running at its best and has your property looking its best.

Importance of Preventative Maintenance

importantce of preventative maintenanceIt protects your lighting investment and helps eliminate out-of-pocket expenses to repair unplanned damage. A successful lighting system depends on the long-term functionality of the system. This requires proper maintenance, care and the ability of the system to grow and change with your landscape and outdoor environment. As plants grow and get bigger, as you change the design and layout, these changes require lighting adjustments to maintain the best illumination.

The Benefits of our Preventative Maintenance

benefits of preventative maintenanceThis Comprehensive service plan is a separate agreement that picks up the routine service and maintenance that is need to keep a system well lighted and illuminating perfect. It is very convenient; we will schedule and perform our 16 point preventative maintenance inspection of your system. This ensures that your system is always in proper working order so you’re never left in the dark.

We are the only company in the Tampa Bay area that has a 16 point check system. Our 16 point check system covers: power on your primary and secondary, amperage load, check line voltage at fixture group, switching mechanisms, photocells, timer and/ or clock settings, bulb life (re-lamp as needed), automation sequencing, aiming of fixtures. In addition we will tighten common and tap lugs, check for broken or leaning fixtures (adjust as needed), tree hardware, cut away and clear plant material, clean lenses and fixtures, spray weatherized protectant & pin and cover any exposed cable lines.

How often should I have my system serviced?

system service maintenancePreventive maintenance provides for long term reliability of your system by completing our 16 point inspection and maintenance. We recommend your system gets regular preventative maintenance annually on smaller systems and semi-annually on larger systems to ensure optimal illumination.

Decorating Elves offers its preventative maintenance program, in 4-, 6-, or 12-month intervals.

Regardless of your original installer, or product brand, we initiate appointments to make sure your system is functioning properly.

The Cost of the Preventative Maintenance Program

The cost of service is dependent upon many factors including the number fixtures, size of the property and landscaping conditions. Labor and travel time to perform the maintenance are included in the agreement. Preventative Maintenance Programs do not include repair parts or replacement bulbs.

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