Pathway Outdoor Lighting

Path-LightingPathlighting is a common attractive way to light pathways, gardens, and seasonal plant material from above or alongside the illuminated surface. This can be done for safety and security, as well as for aesthetic impact. Path lighting should be used to draw attention to pedestrian hazards such as grade changes or to illuminate surfaces that can’t be reached by down lighting from trees, eaves and other architectural elements or integral wall mounted fixtures.

This is commonly done with fixtures placed along a path or walkway. Partially shielded pathlights create a useful effect when placed within taller shrubs. This way, the surrounding shrubbery filters light onto the pathway, reducing glare while also lighting the adjacent shrubs.

Most path lights provide a circular region of illumination providing glare-free garden lighting. These fixtures reflect light from under their tops to spread a diffuse circular area of lighting on the plant material and hardscaping below. When used along a path, they can be staggered along the edges, alternating from one side to the other. They should be spaced far enough apart so that bright regions do not overlap, but not so far that completely dark areas separate them.

Pathlighting Consultation

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