15 Aug

Preparing for Football Season with Adaptable Permanent Outdoor Lighting

All of your favorite NFL teams have been back at practice for several weeks, but the season certainly isn’t starting out as normal. When they announced that there would be no preseason, fans across the country were upset they had to wait even longer to watch the sport they love.

To make matters worse, fans will only be allowed in the stands with strict social distancing and mask-wearing rules. This is going to significantly decrease the number of people that will be allowed to attend the games. Tickets are going to be outrageously expensive, and the chances of the average Joe getting to go to a game this year are pretty slim. Read More

15 Jul

Ways Outdoor Lighting Can Bring Your Neighbors Together

Feeling isolated? Missing the neighborhood summer block parties? Are the kids getting restless keeping to themselves? Social distancing is taking a toll on everyone, but there are some ways that you can get your neighbors together while still being responsible.

Patio Lighting

Patio lighting can make your patio look like daytime. This is a great place to sit and relax with neighbors after a long day of working from home. Get some nice furniture to spruce up your patio and have outdoor lighting installed so that you are always ready to entertain. Read More

15 May

Work All Day? Come Home to a Well-Lit House

If you are still working in this crisis, you are probably under a lot of stress. You worry about your family and bringing the virus home to them. You may also be working harder and longer hours due to decreased staffing. Everyone is having some emotional or mental health issues during this time.

While you are probably glad to be leaving work, it is often difficult to leave the day behind when you go home. It can be difficult to let go of work and stress and relax with your family. When the transition between work and home is not obvious, such as when your house is dark, it can be even harder to focus your attention on your family. Read More