14 Jun

Enhancing Safety and Ambiance Outdoors with Step Lighting

Outdoor entertaining is a must here in sunny Tampa Bay, especially now that the days are longer and the temps are warmer. There’s nothing quite like coming together with friends and family on an outdoor patio, deck, or porch, spending valuable quality time with the ones you love most. But once the sun goes down, that inviting outdoor entertainment space can turn into a dangerous nightmare, especially for people who cannot see well or have other disabilities. Steps are of particular concern, as they can be treacherous to navigate in full daylight for certain people. However, strategically placed outdoor step lighting can help solve this problem by illuminating steps so they are easily seen and traversed without fear of falling while also bringing a hint of style to the nighttime landscape.

Step Lighting Makes Your Outdoor Spaces Safer for Everyone

One of the biggest drawbacks to having outdoor steps leading up to your deck, porch, patio, sunroom, or entryway is safety. Steps are difficult to use for people with physical limitations, such as children, the elderly, or people with certain physical handicaps. Some steps and stairways are worse than others, with steep inclines or pesky overhangs adding to the inherent danger. Some people avoid using steps altogether for these reasons. However, when it is dark outside, even the most physically agile person can have a hard time going up and down steps. This is why proper step lighting is so important. Step lighting uses small, discreet lighting fixtures placed in just the right spot to light up the entire stairway without adding another obstacle. Step lighting can transform your outdoor steps and stairways from unused hurdles to high-traffic pathways, making it easier and safer to get in and out of the house and outdoor spaces.

Step Lighting Can Match Your Style & Design

Not only does step lighting offer safer passage throughout the exterior of your home, it can also make your home look better. With modern LED and low-voltage options, step lighting is a great choice to add to your home’s outdoor ambiance, offering various shapes and configurations, color-changing and dimmable bulbs, and a completely customizable design. Dim the step lights down for a romantic night on the patio with your partner, or turn them red and green to complement your outdoor Christmas decorations. The style possibilities are endless with professionally installed, high-quality lighting, turning your steps into an extension of your home’s decor.

Decorating Elves Offers All the Outdoor Lighting Options You Need

No matter what kind of outdoor lighting design you have envisioned for your home, Decorating Elves has the skills and experience to get it done to your exact taste. Our lighting professionals will work with you to develop a customized outdoor lighting plan that turns your home into a dazzling display throughout the year, allowing you to use your outdoor spaces to their fullest potential. For more information on our specialized lighting techniques or to schedule a free estimate, contact us at 727-474-2628 or request a quote online.