20 Mar

Why You Should Have Outdoor Lighting This Spring

Have you considered adding outdoor lighting to your home? Spring is a great time to have outdoor lighting installed. Not only will you enjoy the outdoor lighting in the spring, but you will be prepared for a summertime of entertaining. Here are some reasons to have outdoor lighting this spring.

Dispel Wintertime Blues

Springtime is beautiful, with new life showing all around outdoors. After a long gray winter, it is really refreshing to be able to go outside and smell all of those spring smells and see all of those spring colors. Spending time outdoors in the springtime is the best way to combat wintertime blues or seasonal mood swings. When you spend more time outdoors, studies show that you will be literally and measurably happier. Outdoor lighting helps you spend more time outside during these months. Read More

15 Jun

Patio and Deck Lighting Techniques for Entertaining

Summer is here, and with it come barbeques and get togethers of family and friends. When your deck becomes the hot spot of the summer, you want to make sure that you are prepared for constant entertaining. Patio and deck lighting can help keep you and your guests comfortable and safe so that you can enjoy the outdoors long into the night.

Railings and Steps

One of the permanent lighting techniques that we use for patios and decks is unobtrusive lights along deck rails and illuminating steps. This lighting is important for the safety of your family and guests. When you have lighting on the railings and steps it is much less likely that someone could become injured from tripping or stumbling in the dark. This is a must if you are planning on nighttime entertaining. Read More