08 Dec

Benefits of Full-Service Lighting

Are you ready to install outdoor lighting, but not sure where to start? While a DIY lighting project might sound like a great way to spend a weekend, more often than not, the project becomes bigger and more complicated than originally thought. Skip the headache of doing it yourself and instead trust all your outdoor lighting needs to the professional at Decorating Elves!

When you choose Decorating Elves, we’ll work with you to design and install a high-quality outdoor lighting system using the most modern lighting techniques that checks all your boxes. Once installed, we can also handle routine maintenance and repairs and any design reworks. With our full-service lighting options, you can rest assured that your outdoor lighting will always look great and function as intended.

Why choose full-service lighting with Decorating Elves? Some of our customer’s favorite reasons include:

Flexible Designs

Just because you’re into a colorful outdoor display for the holidays doesn’t mean you want that all year. With full-service lighting, you’ll be at the top of our priority list when it’s time to switch from holiday themes back to your standard outdoor lighting setup. Or maybe you’d like to change things up for the smaller holidays, like Valentine’s Day or Independence Day. We can do that too! No matter how often you want to change your outdoor lighting design or palette, we’re just a call away.

Optimal Functionality

Part of our full-service lighting program is conducting routine inspections and maintenance of your lighting setup. During these checks, we’ll perform some general upkeep tasks and check for any damage that requires repairs. If we find damage, we’ll fix it ASAP, so your lighting is always functioning at 100%. We also prioritize our full-service lighting customers when repair calls come in between routine checks, so you never have to wait long for your lighting repairs.

First-Class Customer Service

Since day one, customer service has always been the top priority at Decorating Elves. Even back in the day when our owner, Nick Schriver, was a one-man operation hanging up Christmas lights in Ohio, he always made it a point to focus on what the customer needed and wanted. These days, our whole team works hard to make sure that your outdoor lighting installation meets the highest standards. We encourage our customers to give us frequent feedback on the design, so we can make necessary adjustments, giving them an outdoor lighting display that truly takes their breath away.

Full-Service Outdoor Lighting by Decorating Elves

Are you ready to turn your home’s or business’ exterior into a work of art? Then make the call to Decorating Elves in Tampa Bay at 727-474-2628 or contact us online. We’re known from coast to coast for designing and installing some of the most beautiful outdoor lighting displays, and we’d love to show you how your Gulf-coast property can shine with full-service lighting services by Decorating Elves!