10 Jun

Transform Your Oak Trees with Lights

Oak trees are an essential part of any southern yard. They stand tall and majestic, adding character to your property that takes decades to create. People often string colorful lights on their trees during the holiday season to set a cheerful mood, so why not enhance these distinguished hardwoods with year-round landscape lighting?

Tree Lighting Techniques

There are quite a few ways we can add lighting to your oak trees to accentuate their beauty and appeal. Just a few of the lighting techniques we like to use with oak trees include:

  • Outlining – our favorite way to feature oak trees is by outlining the trunks and branches with G50 round LED bulbs. This creates a starburst effect that adds class to any property.
  • Uplighting – this technique involves placing lights on the ground pointed up onto the tree at a very steep angle. This lights up both the tree trunk and canopy, giving a dramatic effect.
  • Shadowing – if the oak tree is near a wall, a bright light placed on the ground pointed at the tree can cast a shadow onto the nearby wall, creating an enchanting effect.
  • Spot Lighting – spot lighting is just what it sounds like…a bright light is focused on one certain focal point. This is usually a tree, fountain, wall, or other architectural feature.
  • Silhouetting – similar to shadowing, if the oak tree is near a wall or other large architectural feature, bright light can be placed on the ground, between the tree and wall, pointed directly at the tree to create a silhouette.
  • Down Lighting – this technique most closely simulates natural lighting. Lights are placed up high in a tree and pointed down toward specific focal points.

Oak Tree Lighting in Tampa Bay

If you live in Tampa Bay and want to elevate the “wow” factor in your yard, contact Decorating Elves to design and install a completely customized landscape lighting scheme that makes your home the envy of the block. Call 727-474-2628 to schedule a consultation for your landscape lighting project today!