14 Jan

Ideas for Lighting Up Your Deck

Here in central Florida, decks are popular additions to all types of homes. Decks are typically made of wood and raised up off of the ground to prevent flooding and pest issues. Screened decks allow residents to enjoy our beautiful weather all year long without being attacked by flying insects or covered with leaves and tree debris. This makes decks the perfect spot for entertaining, enjoying some quality time with the family, or for a few minutes of solitude.

But it’s hard to enjoy your deck after the sun goes down if you don’t have some type of lighting, and let’s face it…the standard outdoor floodlight just isn’t going to cut it. To really turn your deck into a space that people will want to frequent, the lighting needs to be fresh, inviting, and ready to adapt to the current situation. If you’re in Tampa Bay and are ready to take your deck lighting to the next level, it’s time to make the call to Decorating Elves. Our team of professional lighting designers and installers will use the latest lighting techniques to turn your deck into an amazing space for all occasions, including:

Down Lighting

Down lighting is a powerful lighting technique that is used for both aesthetics and security. Down lighting brightly lights an area from above. This feature can be a walkway, entryway, stairway, or even a decorative feature. We use down lighting on decks to illuminate the deck perimeter and stairs. This not only looks great, but it also makes the deck safer.


We love to use the grazing lighting technique to illuminate the walls and other architecture adjacent to a deck. Grazing really brings out the texture of any surface and adds interest and intrigue to your deck area.

Step Lighting

We’ve already mentioned how we use down lighting to create beautiful stairways, but that’s just one of several techniques we use for step lighting. We can also use color-changing LED lighting both under and around the steps to create a safe stairway with an ambiance to match the theme of the night.

Security Lighting

No deck lighting installation would be complete without security lighting. Since decks allow entry into the home, adding security lighting in this area for when the deck is not in active use is important. This will keep the occupants safe by dissuading would-be criminals and providing low-intensity lighting for the entryway.

Light Up Your Tampa Bay Deck Today!

If you love spending time on your deck, take it to the next level with a custom deck lighting installation from Decorating Elves. Our professionals will work with you to create a lighting design that is beautiful, functional, and safe. Contact us at 727-474-2628 to schedule your deck lighting consultation today.