10 Dec

How Decorating Elves Gives Back to the Community

Tampa Bay has given so much to Nick Schriver since 2003, it’s no wonder he prioritizes giving back to the community. Without the residents here on the central Gulf coast, who knows where he and his team at Decorating Elves would be today!

The Team Comes First

To Nick, the most important part of giving back to the community is treating his own employees well. That’s why, along with competitive pay and benefits, all Decorating Elves employees enjoy bonus financial incentives for excellent performance. Employees also earn chances to win awesome prizes at our Annual Christmas Breakfast. In the past, our employees have scored kayaks, event tickets, and even cold hard cash! Adding a little joy to the lives of our employees and their families around the holidays is something we take pride in. Read More

20 Nov

Take Your Christmas Lights to the Next Level with Professional Lighting

It’s almost Christmas-time again, which means we’ll begin seeing the holiday light displays going up very soon! No matter if you go big or small with your outdoor decorations, you want everything to look the best it possibly can. But, if you’re working with 10-year-old candy canes or an inflatable Santa that’s already been mended once or twice, it might be time to step away and let the professionals handle this.

Professional Christmas lighting installers are the solution you probably didn’t even know you needed. With all of the stress of the holidays building up before Thanksgiving is even over, having to tackle strands and strands of tangled lighting is probably not what you want to be doing. And, luckily, you don’t have to! Read More

10 Nov

What Makes Decorating Elves Awesome!

We Bring Joy

There aren’t many jobs out there that allow you to spread joy and cheer all over your local community, but at Decorating Elves, that’s what we do every single day!

No one can resist the allure of bright, candy-colored Christmas lights illuminating a home and yard with dazzling holiday displays. With a holiday display designed and built by Decorating Elves, even adults will stare with the same awe-struck wonder of a child. Read More

22 Oct

Recognition Earned by Decorating Elves

It’s no secret that Decorating Elves’ work has been featured in media and publications nationwide. When you establish yourself as one of Tampa Bay’s premier outdoor and holiday lighting businesses, word gets around. We’d like to take a moment to mention those companies and outlets that have recognized us as an industry leader and shared our work with their audiences.

Brand Features

Decorating Elves’ project photos have been graciously featured by the following brands: Read More

15 Oct

How Professional Lighting Can Make Your Christmas Decor Stand Out

Don’t just watch in awe as your neighbors decorate for the Christmas season; go all out this year with professional outdoor lighting and decorating services from Decorating Elves! We have helped both residential and commercial customers here in Tampa Bay accentuate their Christmas decor with well placed, complementary outdoor lighting. Just a few ways we help our customers showcase their holiday spirit include:

Interactive Displays

Whether it’s a forest of beautifully lit Christmas trees, each with its own decorative theme, or palm trees with strands that twinkle to a holiday tune, we know how to put together a holiday light scene that takes people’s breath away. Keep your visitors and customers engaged with dazzling displays that stun and awe. Read More

10 Oct

Create an Eye-Catching Holiday Theme with Professional Outdoor Lighting

Holiday lights aren’t just for Christmas anymore! People all over Tampa Bay are starting to put up elaborate light displays outside their homes and businesses for all of the major holidays, including Halloween, Memorial Day, and St. Patrick’s Day! These year-round displays add a touch of joy to the community in a time when we could all use a little.

If you love the look of holiday lights but aren’t the DIY type of person, Decorating Elves is here to help! Our team of expert light and decoration installers will take your outdoor space from bare to flair in no time! Every gorgeous light display we help create and install brings a sense of delight to homeowners and their neighbors. Not to mention the way a child’s eyes sparkle when they see all those twinkling lights.  Read More

25 Sep

Why It is Important for Your Business to Have General Liability Insurance

It’s every business owner’s nightmare… your team is doing a routine job they’ve done thousands of times before, but this time, something goes wrong. Installing basic equipment leads to a water line puncture, spilling hundreds, or even thousands, of gallons of water into your customer’s home. After you’ve scrambled to cut the water off and take time to survey the damage, you suddenly remember and breathe a sigh of relief…

You’re covered by your business’ general liability policy. The policy that you’ve paid the premium on for years but never had to actually use could eventually save you from paying thousands of dollars for your customer’s home repair costs. Read More

15 Sep

Create Spooky Halloween Decor with Professional Lighting

It’s that time of year again! The temperature is dropping (well, sort of) and the smell of pumpkin spice lattes and bonfires fills the air. Before you start making Thanksgiving or Christmas plans, don’t forget about the most fun and scary holiday of them all, Halloween!

Just because Decorating Elves started with Christmas light displays doesn’t mean that we don’t know a thing or two about the spooky, devilish decorations that make trick-or-treating so fun! Keep the neighborhood kids on their toes with black, orange, and purple lighting that bumps to your favorite Halloween beats (“Monster Mash”, anyone?), terrifying zombies that pop out of nowhere, and evil witches ready to boil any passerby in their cauldrons. What could be more exciting than seeing the fear, followed by the joy, on trick-or-treater’s faces when they step into your yard? Read More

24 Aug

Brighten Up Your Life with a Job at Decorating Elves

Brighten Up Your LifeFew jobs give you the opportunity to literally make your community more beautiful, but that’s exactly what we do here at Decorating Elves. With help from people just like you, we take dark and drab outdoor spaces and transform them into dazzling light displays. With the holiday season quickly approaching, we need talented light installers more than ever. 

While working for Decorating Elves, you’ll travel all over Tampa Bay to install outdoor lighting setups designed by our experts. Since each project we do is different, you won’t have to worry about becoming bored with repetitive work. Today might be a job installing sidewalk lights at a residence, while tomorrow might be installation of an elaborate holiday display for a commercial building. There’s never a dull moment when you’re illuminating the entire central Gulf coast. Read More

15 Aug

How Decorating Elves Got Started and Achieved Success

decoative elvesDecorating Elves might be one of Tampa Bay’s premier landscape and holiday lighting designers today, but its beginnings were much more humble

It all started back in 2002 when Nick Schriver was still a student at Ohio State University. Even though he was deep into his landscape architecture and business studies, he couldn’t help but notice how stressed everyone was about putting up holiday lighting. As a way to make some extra cash and use some of his knowledge of landscape architecture, Nick started offering to put up holiday lighting displays in his spare time. In no time, his schedule was completely booked and he even had to hire extra help! Nick never imagined his side hustle would turn into an accomplished career as one of Central Florida’s elite outdoor lighting contractors. Read More