25 Nov

Holiday Lighting For Retail Stores: A Guide of Tips and Tricks

Huge sales and deals aren’t the only tools your retail location should be using to attract shoppers this holiday season. Holiday lighting is a powerful visual strategy that should be incorporated into any holiday marketing plan! Use these simple tips and tricks to make sure that holiday lighting becomes an asset, not a headache, for your business this season.

Create Magic

The holiday seasons is all about winter magic. As customers approach your store, they want to feel surrounded by the spirit of the holidays. The lighting that you use should create a unique experience that helps visitors escape reality and embark on an adventure of browsing and selecting the goods and gifts they need to buy.

You can effectively create this type of winter wonderland magic by adding themed lighting on the interior and exterior of your store. Exterior lights help your store stand out from others and grab the attention of shoppers that might not have otherwise planned to walk inside. Interior lights enhance the experience of your shoppers- strings of lights overhead, candle lights in the windows, and other displays can all contribute to the atmosphere you want to create. Read More

22 Oct

Start Planning Your Outdoor Christmas Lights Today

November is just around the corner, which means it is the right time to start making plans for the holiday lighting that will illuminate your home this winter season. Creating the ultimate winter wonderland in your outdoor space isn’t an easy task, so you may want to consider using a professional outdoor lighting service this year.

Rather than trying to balance at the top of your ladder to reach every tree branch or hang icicle lights from your garage, let a team of experts transform your home and make your property the one everybody notices as the sun sets each night. Read More

27 Sep

Avoid the holiday hassle with Decorating Elves


It’s time to start planning your Christmas Lighting and Holiday Decorating needs for the 2018 season. Please contact our offices today to reserve your spot in our busy seasonal schedule.

We look forward to helping you Make it Look Awesome again this season. There are a lot of new Christmas Lighting and Holiday Décor product offerings this season. Some are very cool and can help make you stand out from the rest. Please ask one of our designers about them and how great they would look at your property. We are here to help you.

You can check out photos and videos of our Christmas Lighting and Holiday Décor Service here:

We look forward to helping you avoid the holiday hassle and enjoying the holidays more with those that matter most to you.

11 Sep

Get Ready for Halloween with Professional Lighting Installation and Service

What is Halloween without the spooky decorations and ghoulish lights that bring this October holiday to life?

This season, rather than just buying pumpkins and grabbing a bag of candy, make the most of Halloween with a professional lighting installation that transforms your outdoor space into a dark and mysterious embodiment of the Halloween spirit.

Decorating Elves, Tampa’s premier outdoor lighting company, specializes in Halloween lighting and decor to turn your yard into a ghoulish graveyard, chilling cemetary, or evil yard hunt. Give your neighbors something to talk about! Read More

20 Aug

How to Use Your Outdoor Lights to Honor Important Initiatives This Fall

Every year, Choose Hope and other organizations encourage Americans to learn more about important causes by representing each initiative with a ribbon color. However, wearing a colored shirt and adding a ribbon into your Facebook profile picture aren’t the only ways to spread awareness for a cause.

You can also use the lighting outside of your home or business to draw attention to a cause you want to champion. Changing the color of your outdoor lights for a week or month will encourage neighbors and visitors to ask about your lighting theme. This will give you the opportunity to spread awareness and encourage others to learn more about your cause. Read More

10 Aug

What Is Your Outdoor Space Missing? A Sound System

What elements create the perfect outdoor atmosphere? You might think of a screen to shield you from mosquitos, a pool to keep cool through Florida’s heat, and beautiful accent lights to illuminate the night. But don’t forget about a sound system!

Why Use a Sound System Outside?

A welcoming and enjoyable backyard ambiance isn’t complete without the ability to fill your space with any music you choose. Whether it’s upbeat music during a pool party or mellow acoustics as you relax watching the sunset, music can enhance every moment and memory. Read More

16 Jul

How to Find Outdoor Lights That Don’t Attract Bugs

You love sitting outside on your deck relaxing after a long day at work, but you hate the bugs that constantly swarm around your outdoor lights. Nothing ruins the mood quite like the buzzing and crashing noises that insects make as they collide with your lighting fixtures.

Did you know there are certain lights that actually don’t attract bugs at all? Learn more about LED lights below so you can begin using them to illuminate your favorite outdoor spaces. The bugs will have to find somewhere else to hang out! Read More

14 Jun

The Importance of Using Timers with Your Outdoor Lighting Landscape

There are some elements of your daily routine that you simply need to be present for: your toothbrush can’t brush without your mouth, and your cereal won’t make it very far unless you’re there to eat it. But you definitely don’t need to be present each day to ensure that your outdoor lights turn on and off.

Regardless of the size and scope of your outdoor lighting landscape, you can (and should!) use timers to automate your lighting schedule. This is more important than you might realize! Read More

15 May

Adding Outdoor Lighting for Your Summer Parties

Summer is a time of celebration! Every warm evening with a late sunset is a good enough reason to stay outside and relax with a cool drink. Of course, summer is also the season of barbecues, graduation parties, swim parties, and so may other festive gatherings. If you want to make the most of your outdoor space this summer, whether just for yourself or for all of your guests as well, the right type of decorative outdoor lighting can transform the atmosphere of your backyard.

Patio Stringers Are the Secret to Great Outdoor Lighting Read More

13 Apr

The Audio System Your Outdoor Landscaping Has Been Missing

Backyards aren’t meant to sit empty. The addition of a patio, comfortable seating, and maybe even a fire pit can turn an unassuming exterior space into an outdoor oasis. Beyond the hardscaping and landscaping that you use to design an impressive and irresistable backyard atmosphere, you also need to consider the subtle yet powerful component of sound.

A professional sound system can remain invisible while surrounding your backyard retreat in a perfectly even blanket of high quality sound. You may not realize what a difference sound can make to the atmosphere and ambience of your backyard. Read More