13 Jan

Turning Oak and Palm Trees into Nighttime Stars in Tampa Bay!

Beautifully uplit trees in pool area of St. Petersburg, FL home

Hey there, luminous enthusiasts! ✨ Ready to bid farewell to those holiday lights but not quite ready to let go of the sparkle? Well, buckle up because we’ve got a bright idea for you – lighting up those majestic oak and palm trees in Tampa Bay with some dazzling minis and up-lights that’ll make your landscape the talk of the town, year-round!

A Tropical Twist to Traditional Lighting

We get it, palm trees and oak trees are the unsung heroes of our Floridian landscapes. So, why not give them the spotlight they deserve, quite literally! Swap out those seasonal lights and let’s bring in the big guns – mini lights. These tiny powerhouses are not only versatile but also perfect for weaving through the fronds and branches of your favorite green companions.

Up-lighting: Elevate the Nighttime Drama

Now, let’s talk up-lights – the superheroes of outdoor lighting. These ground-mounted warriors cast a mesmerizing glow upwards, accentuating the grandeur of your oak and palm trees. Imagine strolling through your backyard, with these giants gently illuminated from below, creating a magical ambiance that’s sure to make your neighbors green with envy.

Beautifully uplit oak tree in front of St. Petersburg home Beautifully uplit oak tree in front of St. Petersburg homeTampa Bay, Meet Permanence

Living in the Sunshine State means we get to enjoy our outdoor spaces all year round. So, why limit the dazzle to just the holiday season? Let’s make those twinkling lights a permanent fixture in your landscape. With weather-resistant and durable lighting options, you won’t have to worry about taking them down when the festivities end. Instead, bask in the warm glow of your beautifully lit trees every single night.

Why Stop at Trees?

Who says trees get to have all the fun? Extend the brilliance to your entire landscape! Outline pathways, highlight architectural features, and create a symphony of light that transforms your outdoor space into a tropical paradise.

The Finishing Touch – Professional Installation

Now, we know you’re eager to get started, but let’s not forget the importance of professional installation. At Decorating Elves, we’re not just about making your trees twinkle; we’re about creating an experience. Our team of lighting experts knows the ins and outs of turning your outdoor dreams into a dazzling reality.

So, there you have it – a fun and professional guide to lighting up your oak and palm trees in Tampa Bay! Let’s make your landscape the beacon of brilliance in the neighborhood. Ready to transform your nights? Let’s chat!

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25 Sep

The Art of Layered Lighting: Crafting Stunning Outdoor Displays

Layered lighting in luxury backyard with tiki hut and pool

As the summer heat recedes and the colors of autumn begin to emerge, our enchanting city provides the perfect canvas for creating captivating outdoor displays. The transition from summer to fall brings with it a unique opportunity to harness the power of layered lighting and elevate the ambiance of your outdoor spaces. In this guide, we delve into the art of layered lighting, exploring how to curate breathtaking outdoor displays that resonate with the spirit of fall in Tampa Bay.

Embracing the Magic of Layered Lighting

Layered lighting is a sophisticated approach that involves blending different lighting techniques and fixtures to create a harmonious and inviting atmosphere. By combining ambient, task, and accent lighting, you can highlight key features of your outdoor space while maintaining a balanced and visually stunning environment.

Setting the Stage with Ambient Lighting

Start by establishing a warm and inviting foundation with ambient lighting. Softly illuminated pathways, elegant sconces, and strategically placed bollard lights can guide guests through your outdoor space while creating a cozy and luxurious atmosphere. Consider warm-toned LED bulbs that mimic the gentle glow of autumnal hues.

Functional Elegance through Task Lighting

Incorporate task lighting to ensure that your outdoor space remains as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing. Outdoor kitchens, cozy seating areas, and dining spaces can benefit from pendant lights, chandeliers, or even discreetly placed downlights that provide ample illumination without compromising on style. For Tampa Bay’s fall evenings, consider adjustable fixtures that can be dimmed to create the perfect mood.

Accentuating Details with Light

The allure of layered lighting lies in its ability to accentuate the intricate details of your outdoor space. Illuminate architectural elements, water features, and carefully selected foliage with accent lighting. Uplights, well lights, and spotlights can be strategically positioned to cast dramatic shadows and highlight the textures of your surroundings, transforming your outdoor area into a work of art.

Playing with Color and Temperature

Fall’s rich color palette can be complemented by the careful selection of lighting color temperatures. Opt for warm hues, such as amber and soft white, to enhance the cozy feel of the season. Introduce colored filters or smart lighting systems to customize the lighting according to the mood of the evening or the theme of your event.

Incorporating Smart Lighting Control

For the most functionality- and fun, smart lighting is a must-have feature. With the touch of a button on your smartphone or tablet, you can adjust the intensity, color, and even the timing of your outdoor lights. Seamlessly transition from an intimate gathering to a lavish soirée by customizing your lighting scenes.

As the fall season sweeps over Tampa Bay, the opportunity to create breathtaking outdoor displays through the art of layered lighting becomes undeniable. By embracing ambient, task, and accent lighting, carefully selecting color temperatures, and incorporating smart control systems, you can transform your outdoor space into a haven of elegance and enchantment. Relish in the beauty of the season by crafting stunning outdoor displays that will leave a lasting impression on all who experience them.

28 Jun

Enjoy Your Pool During the Summer Nights

Enjoy Your Pool During the Summer Nights with Outdoor Lighting

As the summer heat hits its peak, taking a refreshing dip is always a welcomed way to enjoy your pool. But why limit playtime in the pool to daylight hours? With the right outdoor lighting, you can transform your pool area into a captivating oasis that can be enjoyed well into the summer nights. At Decorating Elves, we specialize in residential outdoor lighting services that not only enhance the aesthetics of your property, but also provide added security and safety. In this post, we will explore the benefits of outdoor lighting around your pool and the various techniques we offer to create the perfect ambiance for your summer nights.

Extend Your Pool Time

Imagine lounging by your pool, sipping a cold drink, and gazing at the beautifully illuminated water. With our residential outdoor lighting solutions, you can extend the enjoyment of your pool beyond daylight hours. Whether you prefer a soft, romantic ambiance or a vibrant, energetic atmosphere, our expert designers will work closely with you to create a lighting plan that perfectly suits your preferences.

Enhance Safety and Security

Outdoor lighting not only adds charm to your pool area but also enhances safety and security. By eliminating dark hidden areas, well-placed lights can help prevent accidents and ensure that your family and guests can move around the pool safely. Additionally, a well-lit area deters criminal activity, providing you with peace of mind.

luxury home with beautifully lit pool area in the summertime

Types of Pool Lighting Techniques

At Decorating Elves, we offer a wide range of techniques to create stunning pool lighting effects, including:

  1. Underwater Lighting: Illuminate your pool from within with underwater lights that create a captivating glow. These lights can be strategically placed to enhance the colors of the water, creating a mesmerizing visual experience.
  2. Up Lighting: Install lights at the base of trees or architectural features surrounding your pool area to cast an upward beam of light, highlighting their beauty and creating a dramatic effect.
  3. Pathway Lighting: Guide your way to the pool with elegantly placed pathway lights. These lights not only provide a safe path, but also add a touch of sophistication to your outdoor space.
  4. Deck Lighting: Illuminate your pool deck with discreetly placed lights to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Deck lighting enhances the aesthetics of your pool area and ensures that your guests can move around comfortably.
  5. Moon Lighting: Mimic is the soft glow of the moon with carefully positioned lights in trees or tall structures surrounding your pool area. This technique creates a magical, enchanting, and dare we say, romantic, atmosphere. Time to break out the champagne!

Enjoy Your Pool Day and Night This Summer

With summer in full swing, now is the perfect time to enhance your pool experience with outdoor lighting. At Decorating Elves, our team of outdoor lighting designers will work closely with you to understand your vision for your pool area and bring it to life. Whether you desire a resort-style look or something a little more funky, we have the skills and expertise to create an outdoor lighting solution that blows you away. Contact Decorating Elves today at 727-474-2628 for a complimentary lighting consultation and let us illuminate your summertime swims!