16 Jul

How to Find Outdoor Lights That Don’t Attract Bugs

You love sitting outside on your deck relaxing after a long day at work, but you hate the bugs that constantly swarm around your outdoor lights. Nothing ruins the mood quite like the buzzing and crashing noises that insects make as they collide with your lighting fixtures.

Did you know there are certain lights that actually don’t attract bugs at all? Learn more about LED lights below so you can begin using them to illuminate your favorite outdoor spaces. The bugs will have to find somewhere else to hang out!

How Are LED Bulbs Different Than Traditional?

LED is short for light emitting diode. These lights differentiate themselves by providing the same amount of light as incandescent bulbs while using about eight times less power. LEDs achieve this efficiency by applying voltage to negatively charged semiconductors, which in turn causes electrons to combine into light. This unique process helps a single LED bulb last far longer than any other source of light, sometimes up to 100,000 hours of rated use.

Significant Benefits of LED Lights

There are many different reasons to choose LED lights over incandescent, including the fact that they do not attract swarms of insects like incandescent bulbs.

LED lights actually emit very little light in the UV spectrum. They also don’t produce much heat. Both of these factors help to keep insects away from LED lights, since bugs are most attracted to sources of light they can see and feel.

You can further reduce the number of bugs flying at your LED lights by selecting warmer color temperature bulbs for your landscapes. A 2700K bulb contains less of the blue wavelength (a bug’s favorite!) than a 3500K LED bulb.

Get the Help of an Expert

It can be difficult to sort through such a wide range of options to find the anti-bug lights that best suit your needs. Consider seeking the guidance of a professional outdoor lighting company like Decorating Elves. As one of Tampa Bay’s leading outdoor lighting landscaping companies, Decorating Elves can evaluate your property and recommend the lights that will keep insects far, far away.

Call (727) 418-4127 today to make an appointment with Decorating Elves and reclaim your outdoor space.

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