10 Feb

LED Lights Bring Endless Possibilities to Outdoor Landscapes

Whether you have a sprawling few acre property or a small and intimate backyard, you can utilize outdoor lighting to transform your landscape and make your space infinitely more useful at night. Better yet, you can harness the considerable power of LED lighting to enjoy a host of perks like energy conservation, cost savings, longer life, better quality of light, and so much more.

How is LED Lighting Different Than Traditional?

Short for light emitting diode, LED lights differentiate themselves by providing the same amount of light as incandescent bulbs with about five to eight times less power. LEDs achieve this efficiency by applying voltage to negatively charged semiconductors, which in turn causes electrons to combine into light. This unique process helps a single LED bulb last far longer than any other source of light, sometimes up to 100,000 hours of rated use.

Major Benefits of LED Lights in Outdoor Landscapes

First and foremost, LED lights promise a much longer life than incandescent or compact fluorescent lightbulbs. Many outdoor bulbs promise up to 60,000 hours of usefulness, which is 7 full years of continuous operation or 12 years of nighttime use. That type of seemingly infinite use from just one bulb is impossible to achieve through any other type of lighting. This, of course, leads to considerable cost savings since you won’t need to purchase new bulbs every month or year.

Given how long they last, it comes as no surprise that LED lights are also incredibly energy efficient. Unlike incandescent bulbs that only utilize 20 percent of the total energy used since 80 percent of the energy is lost as heat, LED lights utilize about 80 percent of the electrical energy used. In addition to this trait that makes LED lights LEED certified and energy efficient.

In terms of the actual light provided, LED lights are considered some of the most flexible, operational, and efficient. They can be dimmed for dynamic control of color and light or combined for intense illumination of a specific object. LED lighting experts like Decorating Elves in Tampa, Florida understand how to install and adjust LEDs to create a beautiful atmosphere with attractive illumination. Call Decorating Elves today at 727-418-4127 to find out more about the perks of adding LED lighting to your outdoor environment.

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  1. I want to make sure that I get the right lighting for my landscape. It makes sense that LED lights would be a good choice! The fact that they last longer and don’t use as much energy is a huge benefit.

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