09 Sep

Light Up Your Business for the Right Cause in October

If you’re searching for a dramatic juxtaposition, simply compare a dark, unlit business to a business that is artfully decorated with professional outdoor lighting. Businesses that invest in an attractive outdoor lighting landscape enjoy an array of benefits. Commercial properties with outdoor lighting are more inviting, easier to notice from afar, more memorable, and far more functional. After all, a consumer is likely to determine a company’s credibility within moments of approaching its building, and if that impression is made at night, the proper outdoor lighting will make all the difference.

Utilizing specific outdoor decoration color schemes each month is an especially exciting way for commercial buildings to enhance the beauty of their property, advocate a great cause that earns local support, and potentially even raise money for important issues. The following October campaigns provide the perfect opportunities for businesses throughout Tampa, Florida and beyond to utilize outdoor lighting for all it’s worth!

Purple Light Nights

October is designated as Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and has been used to help end violence against women and their children around the world since the 1980s. Every year, people unite around the color purple to help inform and educate about the dangers of domestic violence and solutions for those who are currently enduring violence at home. Businesses can use outdoor lighting to participate in Domestic Violence Awareness Month by stringing purple lights around trees and fixtures outside, exchanging standard streetlight bulbs with purple bulbs, and using LED displays with purple settings. Doing this shows that the business supports Domestic Violence Awareness Month and cares about the safety of women and children. It’s a positive contribution to the community, as well as a positive marketing technique!

Pink For Breast Cancer Awareness

The color pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month is one of the most instantly recognized campaigns in our country. This also takes place each October as men and women alike work to increase awareness regarding the causes, symptoms, and treatments related to breast cancer. Any business can use pink lamps and lenses to support this campaign. It’s even possible to illuminate offices in pink, create colored displays on the sides of buildings, and so much more.

If your business wants to capitalize on the use of colored outdoor lighting, reach out to a professional landscape lighting company such as Decorating Elves. As Tampa Bay’s most professional and talented outdoor lighting company, Decorating Elves will use strategic and attractive aesthetic effects to illuminate your business with meaningful colors each month. Call (727) 418-4127 to learn more!

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