20 Apr

Best LED Color Temperature For Outdoor Lighting

If you are installing a new outdoor lighting system at your home, you’ve probably thought a lot about light placement and color, but have you considered temperature? Temperature is one of the most important characteristics to think about when designing an outdoor lighting scheme.

What is Color Temperature?

Color temperature is simply a way of measuring the warmth or coolness of the color of a light source. Color temperature is measured in Kelvins (K) and ranges from 1,000 to 10,000. Lights with a lower color temperature have a more yellow appearance and are described as warm, while lights with a higher color temperature appear bluer and are described as cool. This can be confusing since you would assume that warm colors would have higher temperatures and cool colors would have low temperatures, but the opposite is actually true.

What is Color Temperature Important?

All the features of your light source make a difference in the overall ambiance and mood of your home’s exterior, including the color temperature. High color temperatures, or cool colors, are best for areas that require very bright, intense illumination. Low color temperatures, or warm colors, are best for areas that need a toned-down, casual, and relaxed atmosphere.

Is LED Color Temperature Different Than Other Lighting Types?

LED is the gold standard in outdoor lighting applications because LED white light comes in a huge range of color temperatures, from around 2,700K all the way up to around 6,500K. Many LED lighting options are adjustable and can produce light in this full range of color temperatures from the same source. While other lighting types can also give light in this color range, none can boost the energy efficiency, extra-long lifespan, and cool to the touch operating temperature.

What Color Temperature Should I Use for My Outdoor LED Lighting?

So what is the best color temperature for your outdoor lighting installation? The answer is…it depends on what you’re lighting up.

  • Very warm white (~2,200K): Best for romantic spots, like hot tubs and fireplaces.
  • Warm white (~2,700K): Best for illuminating exterior walls, walkways, entryways, and other architectural features.
  • Cool white (~4,200K): This temperature most closely mimics moonlight, so it’s great for outdoor moonlighting effects.
  • Bright white (5,000K): Best for spaces that need extra safety and security, such as accenting an entryway.

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