15 Dec

Year-Round Lighting Holiday Style Becoming More Popular

You may have noticed that there are a lot more holiday lights around your local neighborhoods this year, and it may seem as though the lights came on overnight. This happens because more and more people are turning toward year-round holiday lighting. There are a lot of advantages to having permanent holiday lights.

Popularity Increasing

More people are getting permanent holiday lighting because it takes away some of the stress of the holiday season. Instead of worrying about putting up and taking down all of your holiday lights, you can simply have them installed and leave them up all year. Permanent holiday lighting options may differ from your traditional holiday lights, so even if you have already put up lights for this season, you might need permanent lighting installed for next season.

Invisible the Rest of the Year

When you have professional permanent holiday lighting installed, you won’t even notice it the rest of the year. The holiday lights are installed in such a way that no one will notice them on your home unless they are really looking for them. This allows you to have holiday lights whenever you’re ready for them, without having to worry about installation or taking them down.

Use Other Times throughout the Year

Some holiday lighting schemes can be customized through an app to change the colors and from blinking to steady lights. When you have this setup, you can use your permanent holiday lighting throughout the year. Use orange and purple lights for Halloween; red, white, and blue for Fourth of July; or red and pink for Valentine’s Day.

With all of these great reasons to get permanent holiday lights, it is no wonder that they are growing in popularity. If you would like to install permanent lighting this year, contact us today for more information.