15 Aug

Why Preventative Maintenance of Your Lighting is Important

When it comes to preventative maintenance of your home, often you think of things like the lawn and garden, the furnace inspection before winter, or changing out blown breakers. One of the things that often gets overlooked is preventative maintenance of your outdoor lighting. While most systems installed today need little maintenance, there are some things that you will need to consider. If you do not carefully maintain your outdoor lighting, it will not last as long as you wish.

Trees and Plants

When outdoor lighting is first installed, it is placed away from trees and plants in the area in an attempt to avoid damage from the roots or limbs. However, overtime trees do grow, and gardens can quickly expand. If you do not use preventative maintenance to make sure that your lighting remains clear of these hazards, you could wind up with lighting fixtures grown into plants—a situation that could lead to losing both the plant and the fixture. Read More