10 Mar

Lighting for Your Dock

Do you have your own dock on a beachside property? It can be very advantageous to have your own dock rather than docking your boat in a marina. However, when you forgo the marina, you forgo many amenities. One of the features that marinas have is that they are very well lit. Now you can get lighting for your dock that is just as functional and convenient, but on your own terms.

Lighting for your dock is very important for a number of reasons. If you don’t have good lighting for your dock, you may have difficulties docking the boat at dusk or at night. Most people do not take boats out in the dark; but if you want to visit your boat for any reason, it will be helpful to have good lighting. 

Dock lighting is also important for discouraging theft. You can install dock lighting with motion sensors that can turn on the lights when anyone is in the vicinity of the dock. Often, criminals will think twice if their actions are illuminated in the dark. 

When you want to make sure that children and pets are also safe around the dock, dock lighting becomes even more important. You want to make sure that you, your family, and your guests are completely safe when out on your dock or getting onto your boat. Even in the daylight, overcast skies and storms can make it seem much darker at your dock than it should. Lighting comes in very handy in these situations as well.

There are a lot of different options available for dock lighting. We can discuss your needs, look at your dock, and help you determine what lighting will be the most beneficial for you. We can incorporate the use of motion sensors and other features to make sure that your dock is lit when you need it to be.

If you are interested in adding lighting to your dock, contact us today for more information.