09 Aug

Outdoor Lighting Ideas that Have a Big Impact

When you’re investing your hard earned cash into an outdoor lighting setup, you want the biggest bang for your buck. Today, we’ll be sharing some outdoor lighting ideas that pack a punch and will transform your outdoor spaces into attention grabbing scenes. If you’re going for an outdoor lighting vibe that shocks and awes, this is the blog post for you!

Entrance Lighting luxury home lighting entrance with palms and pathway lights

Your home’s entrance is the first impression visitors get of your property. With a carefully planned lighting design, you can make it welcoming, impressive, and secure. Consider using lanterns or wall sconces to flank the door, or ground lights to illuminate the pathway leading to it. Add a spotlight or two to highlight any unique architectural features.

Pathway & Stair Lighting

Illuminate your walkways, garden paths, and stairways with strategically placed lights. Low-voltage path lights can outline the perimeter of a walkway or garden bed, while stairs can be safely lit for more secure navigation. Not only does pathway and stair lighting lead attention to your landscape features, it makes your property much safer for you, your family, and your guests.

Deck & Patio Lighting

Deck and patio areas can become magical spaces with the right lighting. String lights create a festive, cozy atmosphere while under-railing or under-bench lighting can provide subtle illumination that defines the space. For those with a pergola, consider installing an outdoor chandelier for an elegant touch.

Water Feature Lighting

If you’re fortunate to have a water feature like a pond, pool, or fountain, lighting it can create a stunning effect when lit up. Submersible lights in a pond can create beautiful reflections, while lighting around a pool can enhance safety and create a resort-like ambiance.

Accent Lighting for Architectural Features

Pergola with uplighting and downlighting examplesMake your home’s unique architectural features stand out with accent lighting. Use uplighting for tall structures or trees, grazing to highlight texture and form, and downlighting for gentle, romantic effects. Remember, the key to successful accent lighting is subtlety and focusing on the most important elements.

Outdoor Kitchen and Barbecue Lighting

If you’re an outdoor cook or love to host barbecues, good task lighting is essential. Consider installing adjustable lights to ensure you have the visibility needed for cooking and cleaning in outdoor cooking spaces. Accent lights can light up a custom-built brick barbecue or grill, enhancing its beauty and letting everyone know where to avoid it. Don’t forget to add proper lighting to the dining tables!

Fire Pit Lighting

Fire pits are magical places where stories are shared, and marshmallows are roasted. To enhance the fire pit experience, add soft lights around the perimeter. This provides just enough light to see without detracting from the glow of the fire. This also creates a defined line that should not be crossed for safety.

Garden Sculpture and Artwork Lighting

For some of us, our yards are like a blank canvas, waiting to be designed. Outdoor sculptures and artwork can bring us great joy…and can come at a great cost. Your expensive outdoor artwork deserves attention even after the sun goes down! Use spotlighting to highlight these pieces and to add drama to your outdoor space at night.

Create a Stunning Outdoor Lighting Design With Decorating Elves

Remember, outdoor lighting is an art as much as it is a science. With a blend of creativity and technical understanding, you can create a stunning effect that not only enhances the beauty of your property but also increases its security and functionality. At Decorating Elves in Tampa Bay, we aren’t afraid to experiment with different techniques and setups to create the outdoor lighting design of your dreams! Call us at 727-474-2628 to schedule a free lighting design consultation today.