14 Nov

Should I Wrap My Oak Trees During Winter in Florida?

The winter months are approaching fast, and you may have already seen some people wrapping their trees and shrubbery with tree wraps, blankets, and quilts. But is tree wrapping an effective way to protect trees, especially tough trees like oaks, during the winter? Well, it depends on who you ask. While some profess the benefits of seasonal tree wrapping, others claim that it is unnecessary in Florida’s subtropical climate. Here, we’ll present the facts, so you can decide what’s right for your situation.


The primary reason that people choose to wrap their trees is fear of damage from freezing temperatures. However, temperatures here in central Florida do not often drop below freezing. The National Weather Service estimates that central Florida can expect just 3-6 days of freezing temperatures each winter, which a healthy, established oak tree should be able to handle with no problem. Some sources also claim that wrapping trees don’t keep them warmer in the first place.


While older, established oak trees should be able to deal with whatever Florida’s winter throws at them, younger trees might need a little extra care. Young trees are delicate and can be easily damaged by freezing temperatures, so many lawn care experts recommend wrapping them for the first three years to prevent issues.


Where your oak trees are located in proximity to your home or business is another important consideration. Trees planted on the southern or southwestern sides of your property may be at risk of developing sunscald. Sunscalding occurs when direct sunlight warms up the tree during the day, breaking it out of dormancy and causing a boost in cellular action. However, when night falls and the temperature drops, all those active cells are killed, causing discoloration and susceptibility to disease. Sunscalding is most dangerous to trees with thin bark. Wrapping your oak trees with a breathable, non-plastic fabric can help prevent sunscald.


Animals’ access to your oak trees is another important consideration when deciding whether to wrap them during the winter. Deer won’t think twice about peeling the bark off your oak trees if they are hungry enough. Wrapping the trees places a physical barrier between the trunk and any invasive critters, preventing your oaks from becoming dinner.

Is Wrapping the Right Move for Your Oak Trees?

Ultimately, the decision to wrap your oak trees over the winter depends on your climate, the age and health of your trees, and the effects of Mother Nature. Consider your specific situation before deciding on wrapping your trees, and don’t be afraid to change your mind if circumstances change.

Make Your Oak Trees Works of Art

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