17 Feb

Designing & Budgeting for an Outdoor Lighting System

Designing and budgeting for an outdoor lighting system can be a daunting task for many homeowners, but it is essential to make your outdoor space safe, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. At Decorating Elves in Tampa Bay we have seen a wide range of lighting needs, and it is our job and pleasure to help you design and budget for a system that meets the needs of your property and your personal preferences.

Estimated Cost

Properly lighting up your landscape should cost from 1-3% of your property’s entire value. This might seem like a lot, but it is a small investment that can add significant value to your property and increase the overall safety and security of your outdoor space. A well-designed outdoor lighting system will also enhance the beauty of your property and allow you to enjoy your outdoor space long after the sun goes down. These are big factors in your favor if you ever decide to sell the property, as buyers are willing to pay a premium for these extras. Always include some wiggle room in your outdoor lighting system budget to cover unexpected expenses as well.

Identifying Needs

Designing an outdoor space is unique to every individual’s property needs. For example, some people might want to light up a swing set for their kids to play safely in the evenings, while others may only want to beautify the front of their property. Some homeowners need enhanced security to deter unwanted wildlife from rummaging through their garbage, while other homeowners want to create safe-passage on their property for their guests/relatives. These are just a few examples of the diverse needs that outdoor lighting systems can meet when designed and installed by a professional team like the one at Decorating Elves in Tampa Bay.

Design Should Complement Function

Once you’ve identified your property’s unique needs for outdoor lighting, it’s time to make sure your system’s design meets those needs.. For example, if you want to create a safe-passage on your property, you’ll want to prioritize pathway lighting, deck lighting, entryway lighting, and step lighting in your overall lighting system design. This will ensure that your guests and relatives can safely navigate your property without fear of falling off steep edges, steps, or curbs, even in low light conditions.

The Bells & Whistles Are Our Standard

It is important to note that not all outdoor lighting systems are the same, and you’ll have a hard time finding a lighting contractor that installs an outdoor lighting system as robust as ours at Decorating Elves. As with so many things in life, you get what you pay for! We have many customers come to us after wasting time and money with a cut-rate lighting contractor that did nothing but cut corners and make empty promises. Here at Decorating Elves, we use the finest equipment, brands, and materials, add surge protection on the primary and the secondary power sources to ensure that your lighting system is protected against any electrical issues, and never cut corners during the design or installation process. Some contractors may consider these things “bells and whistles”, but we believe that any quality outdoor lighting installation must include these features by default.

Outdoor Lighting Done Right

Don’t take on the stress of designing your own outdoor lighting system…let the professionals at Decorating Elves take on that burden and give you a beautiful, functional outdoor lighting setup that meets all your needs. Call us at 727-474-2628 or contact us online to schedule your free outdoor lighting estimate today!