14 Jun

The Importance of Using Timers with Your Outdoor Lighting Landscape

There are some elements of your daily routine that you simply need to be present for: your toothbrush can’t brush without your mouth, and your cereal won’t make it very far unless you’re there to eat it. But you definitely don’t need to be present each day to ensure that your outdoor lights turn on and off.

Regardless of the size and scope of your outdoor lighting landscape, you can (and should!) use timers to automate your lighting schedule. This is more important than you might realize!

Timers Keep Your Home Secure

If there’s one thing that screams “break in and rob me!” it’s a dark and inactive house. Criminals watch for homes that remain dark night after night, which makes your home vulnerable if you leave for vacation without timed outdoor lighting. All you need to do is configure a few timers to ensure that your lights turn on and off at appropriate intervals to discourage uninvited guests. Some timers can even be programmed for different times based on the day. This gives you the flexibility to make your timed lights show enough variation to make any person with bad intentions assume that your home is not empty after all.

Timers Maximize the Use of Your Outdoor Space

During the days and nights that you are home, timers will help you maximize the use of your outdoor space by automatically shining light around places that would otherwise become useless after dark. You are more likely to take a glass of wine out onto your balcony, patio, or pool deck if gentle lights are already illuminating your way.

Timers Help You Adjust to Time Changes

The sunset doesn’t exactly take your schedule into consideration. While the sun might set at 8:30 during the summer, it sets at 5:30 in the winter. You can’t always be home before sunset to ensure that your home’s outdoor lighting landscape is illuminated in all of its glory, but that’s nothing a timer can’t solve. By setting your timers and adjusting them with Daylight Savings and the changing seasons, you will never have to worry about inconsistencies or challenges based on the sunset.

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