10 Jul

Update Your Home’s Curb Appeal with Color-Changing Landscape Lighting

Whether you’re renovating, getting ready to sell, or just looking for an easy way to improve your outdoor spaces, now is the time to add color-changing LED landscape lighting to your home. Landscape lighting has always added elegance to a home’s exterior, but with color-changing LED landscape lighting, we can turn your outdoor spaces into an experience.

Updated landscape lighting, masterfully done in Tampa Bay by the team at Decorating Elves, impacts four key elements on your property:


By highlighting your home’s features and landscaping, landscape lighting adds an impressive touch of elegance and sophistication. Homes with landscape lighting stand out from the pack and get the highest buyer offers.

Color-changing RGB landscape lighting takes it to the next level by changing colors to create different moods and effects. This type of lighting is perfect for showing off your home’s unique style and personality. Color-changing landscape lighting can also be used to emphasize certain features of your property, such as pools, lanais, trees, sculptures, and other structures.


Landscape lighting can make it easier for homeowners to use their outdoor spaces for entertaining, relaxing, and other activities. What good is an outdoor patio or pool room if you can’t use it in the evening when most people are home? Plus, imagine the oohs and ah’s you’ll get from guests when your outdoor spaces light up with every color under the sun!


Landscape lighting can also improve your home’s security. By adding light to dark areas of your property, you make it less likely for criminals to lurk undetected. Studies have also shown that well-lit homes can deter burglars.

Energy Use

Depending on your current landscape lighting setup, making the switch to LED landscape lighting, even RGB color-changing, can lower your home’s energy use and maybe even put a little extra cash in your pocket each month. Old landscape lighting systems used inefficient bulbs that consume excessive energy. Newer LED systems slash that energy usage while giving off even more light. It’s a win-win!

Color-Changing Landscape Lighting Installation in Tampa Bay

Ready to upgrade to RGB color-changing LED landscape lighting? If you’re in Tampa Bay and want a stunning landscape lighting setup that takes your breath away, make the call to Decorating Elves at 727-474-2628.